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4 months ago @ 2:50PM

Devotional from the Athletic Department

Squire Strong

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9


Being apart and not being able to compete is tough on all of us (athletes, coaches, and parents). Athletes want to train and compete, coaches want to coach and connect, and parents LOVE to watch you play. Until we have the chance to participate together again, please consider engaging in some of these discussions or activities and find a way to stay connected with each other, because when this is all through, we  will continue to show why we are Squire Strong. Here are some ideas to inspire action if you are willing. 

                                                                                               Mr. Bouma


Athletes: Think about a coach who has made a positive impact on you and how it made you feel. Find a way to reach out to that coach and give thanks.

Coaches: Reach out to a former coach of yours who has impacted you. Find a way to reach out to that coach and give thanks.

Parents: Think about your favorite memory of watching  your child play and share it with them.

ALL: Pray for the team of health service workers who are on the frontline of our healthcare. Many of them are former athletes who are facing adversity that their sports experience has trained them for. Pray that they will have the strength and wisdom to serve well. Pray for their safety. 



Athletes: Connect with a teammate and share what you miss most about your sport.

Coaches: Reach out to an official (officials directory is online at once you are logged in) and thank them for their service to your sport.

Parents:  Reflect back on a memory you have competing in athletics and share with your son or daughter.

 ALL:  Pray for God's mercy and healing on our nation and world. 



Athletes: Take some time to thank your parent/guardian, or any adult for that matter, that has supported you in your athletic journey.

Coaches: Make contact with as many of your student-athletes as possible and let them know you are thinking about them.

Parents: Think about the people you usually sit with at ballgames and reach out to them. 

ALL: Find a passage of scripture that speaks to your heart and pray those words of healing on our world.



Athletes: Reach out to as many current and former teammates as possible and share with them their strongest asset (what made them a great teammate).

Coaches: It is the day before the biggest game of your coaching career; Develop a practice plan detailing how you would use your time with your kids.

Parents: Let a coach know how much you appreciate all that they do for your child.

ALL: Pray for joy and thanksgiving in troubling times.



Athletes: Read one of the following articles:

Coaches: Think about why you are proud to be a Squire and share with your athletes.

Parents: Find a picture of your child playing a sport and share it!

All:  Pray for the Calvin Christian Community. 



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